Now Offering A2 milk

Now Offering A2 Milk!

We are so excited to announce that as of May 2015, we now know which of our cows produce 100% A2 milk. (If you want to know which cows are A2A2, you can check out our Cows page.)

If you would like milk guaranteed to be 100% A2, let us know when you place your milk order.  We will be breeding toward a whole herd of A2 cows over time, but because our whole herd is not A2A2 yet, we will need to milk our A2A2 cows separately so we can segregate their milk.  Then we have to bottle and cool it individually. This all takes extra time and resources. To offset the additional labor, the cost for A2 milk is an additional $4 per gallon, or $2 per half gallon.  


Some people who are able to drink goats milk and not cows milk are sensitive to a mutated protein found in some cow’s milk called A1 Beta-Casein. Goats milk has what they call A2 Beta-Casein proteins. Keith Woodford’s book–Devil in the Milk--sheds light on the possible link between the A1 genetic mutation and a range of serious health issues, including heart disease, type 1 diabetes, autism, and other aggravating neurological disorders. Faith Schlabach explained the  A1 vs A2 issues well in her article for at :

“It is believed that the mutated gene started in the Holstein cow breed hundreds of years ago, but has been passed to many other breeds because the Holstein cow has been used to “improve” the production of almost all breeds. Interestingly, the Guernsey breed only has 2-3% of their cows testing positive for the A1 mutation.

The health problems are believed to be caused by a tiny protein fragment formed when we digest A1 beta-casein, a mutated protein in the milk. Milk that does not contain this mutated protein is called A2 milk. Today, the majority of the cows in the USA carry the A1 gene. The beta-casein proteins found in cow’s milk are made of a string of 209 amino acids all linked together. The difference between A1 and A2 amazingly is just one of those amino acids. With A1 milk, number 67 is a histidine instead of a proline! The proline binds very tightly to the amino acids on either side of it where the histidine does not. The histidine breaks off forming a peptide of a string of 7 amino acids called beta-casomorphin-7. Casomorphins have opioid (narcotic) properties and are not digested well by some people. This apparently can possibly lead to health issues in certain individuals.

I was a bit confused by different conversations about A2 milk on the internet and wasn’t fully convinced it was that big of an issue.  And then I read Keith Woodford’s book– Devil in the Milk: Illness, Health, and the Politics of A1 and A2 Milk.  After reading the book I was blown away by how the research has been twisted on the internet and by various media outlets.  I do believe there is significant evidence that for some people, the A1 beta-casein can cause significant issues for them as an individual.  

I have a friend whose child has a beta-casein sensitivity.  When she is on regular A1 milk, she is hyper, aggressive, and generally unmanageable. And she can’t count to 10–despite being almost 6 years old.  She will skip, and invert numbers.  But when she goes off A1 milk, she is calm, loving, and AMAZINGLY–she can count to 10.   Her brain simply doesn’t function well when the beta-casein is filling those opiate receptors.  She exhibits clear “addiction” patterns with beta-casein laden products.  But interestingly, she is less interested in drinking our A2 milk, or any “casein-free” substitutes.  She doesn’t have the same addictive attraction to it when she is going through withdrawals.  Her mother has not yet been able to consistently keep the A1 beta-casein out of her diet long enough for us to do a true test of how she does on the A2 milk with no contamination from A1 beta-casein, but we will keep you posted once she does.  

BUT . . . we have several clients who have experienced significant improvements to their various ailments when they switched to the A2 milk.  And there are many individual reports across the internet from people who can’t drink A1 milk without experiencing adverse reactions of some sort or another, but they CAN drink A2 milk.  

If you are interested in reading Devil in the Milk, we have 3 copies of the book. With a $15 deposit, you can check the book out from us to read. Your $15 will be returned when you return our book :-)  
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