Milk Priority

We have plenty of milk right now and should generally be able to fill all milk orders from now until late fall  2016. But if we ever have more orders than we have milk, this is how we determine who gets first dibs.

#1. CSA Clients who order our more expensive A2 milk.

#2. Non-CSA clients buying A2 milk.

#3.  CSA clients who order our “regular” milk.

#4. Non-CSA clients buying Regular Milk.

How Do I “JOIN” The CSA?

As long as you have previously completed our online waiver of liability form, you may place your MONTH LONG CSA order here if you are committing to get milk, eggs, or meat EVERY week this month. If you need to skip your milk for a week, you must order enough  yogurt, butter, cheese, or frozen milk  the week after you skip, to equal the dollar value of the milk you had to skip. If you cannot commit to this, you will need to place your milk order each week through the SHOP

Please only order eggs and meat through this form if you are getting them EVERY WEEK and won’t be skipping a week.  Otherwise, order eggs and meat through the SHOP.  (We are getting the meat added to the shop as quickly as we can. Call us if you want to order meat and you can’t find it on the shop yet.)


Your total for the month is due in cash or check at the FIRST delivery of the month.  (Checks should be made out to “Be Whole Again”.)

If you wish to pay with a credit card, a 2.75% fee will be added to your total. 

If you would like to pay with paypal, you can pay As long as we don’t use a PayPal Click button on our website, and you just request to pay us directly through PayPal, funded by your bank account or paypal balance, they don’t charge us a processing fees.  If you pay with PayPal and pay with a credit card, add on the 2.75% fee.

Don’t Bail on Us!  If you can’t make a delivery you MUST let us know.

If you need to notify us of a last minute change to your CSA order for a particular week, please text the farm cell 816-379-6455, email, or use the change order form found at the bottom of this page, below the order form.