CSA Membership:

Benefits and Commitments

While CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) can vary in their implementation and structure, the essential nature of a CSA is that there is a level of commitment between the farmer and the consumer.  The farmer can count on the consumer to purchase a certain amount each season, month, year, etc. And the consumer knows that they can expect a certain “share” of the harvest because of their loyal relationship. 

RELATIONSHIP.  That is what it’s really about.  I believe it goes beyond supply and demand “business.”  We realize that we NEED each other.  And so we strive to nurture each other in a symbiotic way. Your needs matter to me.  My needs matter to you. Because without each other, both of our lives would be less abundant!  


  • Our goal is to have a guarantee that we will have a minimum of 100 gallons of milk sold each week.  If we are selling less than that, our dairy operation is not financially sustainable. Without a SOLID commitment from our milk buyers, our weekly income varies too much for us to appropriately budget.  
  • Half Share: Half a gallon or $5 of dairy products EVERY week in a given month. 
  • Full share: One Gallon or $10 of dairy products EVERY week. (Non- CSA milk is $6/half gallon or $12/gallon. )
  •  CSA members have first dibs on milk during times of low inventory, with priority given to members with the longest standing order history.  
  • Dairy CSA Members get first dibs on eggs from our flock of 100% free-range hens that are fed NO Corn and NO Soy, with priority given to dairy CSA members with the longest standing order history. 
  • Those who pick up at the farm will receive $1 off per gallon, or $.50 off per half gallon.  
  • When available, CSA members may substitute yogurt, cream, butter, or cheese for their milk in a given week, as long as their purchase total for the month will be at least as much as their milk share would cost.
  • CSA members will receive first notification of special pricing and seasonal items (such as butter).
  • TO JOIN THE DAIRY CSA: Simply visit the CSA Dairy Orders Page  and specify your pickup location(s), and your exact order for each week.  If you will need to skip a week due to vacations, etc, you can specify to have us freeze your milk, or substitute additional items on a subsequent week (when available). Yogurt is the simplest substitute, and will generally be available fresh or frozen as a substitute. 
  • PLEASE complete your order by the last calendar day of the preceding month.  (So place your February order by Jan. 31, etc.)
  • If you have never bought milk from us before and you would like to join the CSA in the middle of the month, you will be allowed to do so as long as we have sufficient milk.  Others who do not complete their order by the first delivery of the month will need to order through the Non-CSA Dairy Orders page, and you will pay a higher price for your milk. 
  • Your total for the month is due in cash or check at the FIRST delivery of the month. If you wish to pay with a credit card, a 2.75% fee will be added to your invoice. If you would like to pay with paypal, you can pay to Rachel@bewholeagain.com.  As long as we don’t use a paypal Click button on our website, and you just request to pay us directly through paypal, they don’t charge us the processing fees.  Under special circumstances of financial burden we will allow CSA members to pay each week, but we REALLY prefer to handle payments just once a month.   
  •  By joining the CSA and providing your email address and cell phone number, you will be sent email and text reminders to place your dairy order before the cut-off each month.