Milk Quality Guarantee

If you ever have milk sour prior to a full 7 days from purchase or develop “off” or “farmy” flavors, please return the unused portion in your milk jar, and we will give you a pro-rated refund/credit toward your next purchase. We feed the sour milk to our pigs and chickens, and the amount remaining in the jar indicates to us how much to pro-rate back to you.

**We ask that you just double check that the temperature of your fridge is staying under 36 degrees and that your milk is NEVER warming above 38 degrees during transit and use. :-)

Highest milk quality is extremely important to us, and we know you pay for a premium product. We also know that we are a family farm, run with LOTS of help from our teenage children. We will also be having other teenagers helping on the farm soon through our Whole Academy youth mentorship program. Rachel is a perfectionist when it comes to quality control, and can get a little neurotic worrying about the risks our family is taking by producing raw milk. But we are also trying to create a safe learning environment for our youth and others’ where they are being asked to help with work that has REAL significance, and potentially REAL consequences in order to stretch these youth to become REAL contributing citizens. While we do our best to ensure the best management practices and oversight of these youth, we want to assure you that if you are ever not fully satisfied with a purchase, we will make it right. This compromise will allow Rachel to not feel like she has to ride on the kids too much when they might make mistakes.

By letting us know quickly if your milk is souring early, it allows us to double check our procedures and equipment, and nip any potential causes in the bud. Our milk has never been the cause of a foodborne illness, but if you ever have concerns, notify us immediately. 816-379-6455 or

Sincerely, Scott, Rachel and Moser children, and the youth of Whole Academy

Be Whole Again Farm